China Clay

Features of China Clay

China clay is an important raw material of ceramic industry. It consists of partly crystalline and partly amorphous mineral of Kaolin group. So it can also be called as Kaolinite. china clay is the deposits of Kaolin produced by hydrothermal decomposition or weathering of feldspar. It is relatively a pure clay consisting of predominantly the mineral, Kaolinite (Al2O3, 2H2O) and associated with other clay.

Minerals like Dickite, Halloysite, Nacrite and Anauxite Kaolin are commercially valued for its whiteness and fine  particle size. It often contains small amounts of impurities in the form of rock fragments, hydrous oxides and colloidal materials. In Gujarat crude china clay finds uses mainly in cement industry and of processed china clay in ceramic industry. Kaolin, both in crude and processed forms are produced in the Gujarat.  Our grades of China Clay powder is available from 300 mesh to 700 mesh BSS Standard. Best quality china clay is available in Rajasthan and some Parts of north Gujarat.

Use of China Clay

  1. The  major use of china clay is in ceramic industries, stonewares, potteries etc.
  2. It is an important refractory material.
  3. It is also used as filler in rubber, textile, paper and plastic industry.
  4. Better grade of china and porcelain and made from pure Kaolinite or china clay.
  5. The other minor uses are catalyst in petroleum industry, distributing agent in insecticides, powders, Ultramarine etc.


Chemical Composition of China Clay :

  • SiO2 :  45% to 48%
  • Al2O3 : 33% to 39%
  • Fe2O3 : Below 1.5%
  • TiO2 : Below 0.5%
  • CaO : Below 1%
  • MgO : Below 0.5%
  • LOI : 12% to 14%
  • Acid Insoluble : 97.5%
  • PH : 8.1
  • B.D. : 0.5 to 0.8 gm/cc
  • Oil Absorption : 39.5 ml/100gm
  • Whiteness : 78% to 90%